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Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling

A well-crafted timepiece, like a well-crafted car, is a thing of rare beauty. Which is why we are pleased to announce that Bentley has entered into a prestigious collaboration with Breitling. In doing so they have created the ultimate object of desire for the Bentayga – the finest timepiece ever installed in a Bentley. Combining natural materials valued for their beauty and rarity, with only the most advanced in-car technologies, the Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling is the embodiment of luxury, performance and accuracy.

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A partnership of precision

Breitling is the perfect choice for the Bentley Bentayga. A technical specialist in chronograph technology, Breitling has long been the preferred brand of the aviation industry because of its reputation for durability and precision in extremely tough conditions. As one of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands, they are famed as much for their technology as they are for their aesthetics.

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The luxury of time

As you explore new and unexpected places in the Bentley Bentayga, so will you explore new and expected realms of luxury. The Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling boasts a handcrafted excellence that is well matched to the interior of the world’s most luxurious SUV. Diamond indices adorn the clock’s dial, on a face which can be chosen in natural or black ebony mother-of-pearl. The case of the clock is machined from solid 18-carat rose gold or white gold. Softly backlit, the counterweight at the back of the mechanism has been hollowed out to allow the light to pass through the spinning tourbillon. And, as a finishing touch, the light that shines onto the watch face can be matched to the ambient lighting inside your car, too. Even under a remote desert night sky, you’ll still be able to keep perfect time.

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Performance worthy of the Bentley marque

Those with a penchant for incredible timepieces will revel in the intricacies of such a mesmerisingly beautiful object. The Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling is equipped with a 60-second automatic flying tourbillon, beating 28,800 times an hour in a striking titanium cage. The exceptional finishing of this tourbillon is enhanced by its gold oscillating weight and by the exquisite hand-beveling of the bridges. Unlike tourbillon wristwatches, which rely on the movement of the wearer to generate kinetic energy, the Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling has a winder mechanism that uses a drive system supplied to the aerospace and space industries. Which you might say makes it the most exclusive winder mechanism on the planet. It certainly produces a level of luxury and performance that is indeed out of this world.